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Art in Session is brought to you by professional artist, speaker and director, Ania Amador, and creators from all over the world. Together we will explore a variety of topics of interest to all creative entrepreneurs such as how you can create and sell art as a true passion and career. Regardless of your medium, these tips and tricks of the trade will help guide you in the discovery of your maximum potential as a professional artist. 

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Professional Art Directors and Curators Ania Amador and Jennifer Ingram are joining forces for an Art in Session offering you will not want to miss. “Level Up” will start with a deep dive into Festival and Events, covering the ins and outs of creating and selling art in these unique environments.  Whether you are new to displaying and selling art at festivals and events, or needing to reevaluate your current efforts to maximize efficiency and profits, this is the 3 week series for you!

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Our offerings include a variety of sessions that will deepen your foundational knowledge of the art world.  Each session is designed around specific areas of art bysube.

Art in Session: Social Media for Artists

Are you an artist looking to strengthen your online presence, create new content, grow your following and sell more art online? Professional artists Ania Amador and Domé Moon are diving deep into these topics and more in the 3 week workshop series  Art in Session: Social Media for Artists.

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Art in Session: Business of Art

Welcome to this special edition of Art in Session: Business of Art with full time professional artists Anamorphosis Art. We share a variety of pro-tips, time-savers, and valuable information for starting, growing, and monetizing your creative business. This is guaranteed to teach you something new, and inspire you to level up in all ways.

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Art in Session: Murals & More

Join Founder, Ania Amador, and a variety of special guests for these four sessions focusing on Monetizing Murals, Project Management, Supplies and Materials, and Art Installations and Festivals and are packed with valuable information for beginners to pros, and is the perfect way to kick start or rejuvenate your potential as a mural artist. 

$222 USD

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What our students have to say...


Rosa Beryl

Art in Session is like an art coaching and therapy session wrapped into one. It is a safe and supportive space that allows you to open yourself up to new ideas and ways to expand your art career. Ideas presented to you are coming from experienced, professional artists that know the ins of running a successful art business, so you know you can trust them. They also act as a great foundation for brainstorming new ways to expand your potential. Ania is so genuinely positive and kind, and I have never felt more supported by another artist!
-Rosa Beryl, @Rosaberyl_art

Joe Phillips

I was fortunate enough to attend several of Ania’s workshops whilst participating in the Vision Train Global Art Project! Being an artist in incubation, still building my body of work, I jumped at the chance to hear direct experiences of the business of a professional artist. Her attitude towards money is direct and unapologetic and has already opened my eyes to potential ways that I can bring more positive energy to my family and community.

Ania’s workshops about artist Statements and our Stories, initiated some great internal dialogue and provided insight into who I am as an artist, and what I want to achieve. When we were encouraged to articulate ourselves in a safe group setting, Ania provided acute positive criticism, that really helped me express my ideas. It’s been fantastic to see how Ania has adapted to the strange situation that we all find ourselves in right now and her energetic work has been an inspiration and helped me understand my place in the creative web. Thank You Ania! Forever grateful! Good luck!

-Joe Phillips, @joescustomtattoo

Sannie Cuddihy

I cannot recommend taking this course enough. I’ve been very lucky to have sat in workshops and talks facilitated by Ania over the last few months. Her insights, wisdom and encouragement stoke a fire under your arse to get stuff done. As an artist, I have constantly undervalued myself and shied away from making myself a website and really putting my work out there. It’s all so daunting. But Ania breaks things down in a way that they’re digestible and not as scary as one might think. Her attitude to helping you succeed is infectious and it soaks into your bones. Enjoying the journey and supporting each other to be the best artists we can be.

- Sannie Cuddihy @sanniecuddihyart

About Ania 

Hi! My name is Ania Amador and I am a professional artist and teacher.  I primarily paint canvas art and large scale murals. When I am not painting live on stage and curating art installations at festivals and events, I am sharing my passion for Deliberate Creation through public speaking. I believe that if you can get there in your mind, you can get there in your body, and that is the message I hope to spread through all forms of my art.

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